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Creating Legal Documents That Prepare You for Anything

At the Einterz Law Offices in Noblesville, Indiana, we enjoy working with caregivers and families of the elderly to guide them through the monolithic Medicaid/Medicare labyrinth. We carefully navigate elderly individuals through many important legal documents and come up with a single plan that accompanies them through the three phases of life-competence and control, disability and confusion, and death.

Register for one of our weekly legal seminars to educate yourself about the important documents that we write up and the plans that we create for your loved one. Our knowledgeable associates synthesize existing plans with evolving and springing needs, concerns, and legal challenges.

Signing Papers


Paper Work

Planning for the Rest of Your Life

With knowledge comes power; with power comes control; with control comes peace of mind. We see to it that individuals that take our seminars gain, retain, and maintain all four. The following are some of the important documents that we craft based on each client's individual care/succession paradigm:

Living Will - A binding legal document that sets forth a person's wishes regarding the use of life-sustaining treatment in the event that he or she falls into an irreversible vegetative state.

 Living Trust - A trust that may be continually edited and updated. This includes a trust, affidavit of trust, IRS beneficiary designation form, and identification of contingent beneficiary.

Disability Trust - A written document providing that property be held by one (the "trustee") for the benefit of another (the "beneficiary").

Promissory Note - A document by which a borrower promises to pay the holder of the note a certain amount of money under specific terms.

Pour Over Wills - A testamentary device, wherein the writer of a will creates a trust, and decrees in the will that all probate property in his or her estate at the time of his or her death shall be distributed to the trustee of the trust. 

Caregiver's Contract - An agreement between a parent or individual and the caretaker of children or elderly family members. These contracts specify the duties and responsibilities of the caretaker, as well as wages, benefits and duration of service involved in the agreement. This contract provides a clear understanding of the expectation of both parties.

Irrevocable Children's Trust - A written agreement between you, the trustee of your estate, and your children, that gives you control over what your children can do with the property that you place in trust.

Power of Attorney - A written document that gives one person the legal authority to act on behalf of another person.

Special Needs Trust - Made specifically for the benefit of disabled or mentally ill beneficiaries. Often times these special needs trusts are used to ensure that the beneficiaries don't lose government benefits they are receiving.

TOD Deed - Permits the non-probate transfer of real estate at death.