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Satisfied Clients

-- A woman in a nursing home and receiving hospice care, given 90 days to live, sought our help "just in case." We devised a plan to render her eligible for VA benefits and, "just in case," began the Medicaid eligibility process. A year later, and she is thriving, no longer receiving hospice care.

She was rendered eligible for VA benefits retroactive to her first days in the nursing home and, because we began the Medicaid process "just in case," is now receiving Medicaid benefits, having sheltered more than half of her assets so that special assistance for her can now be afforded.

-- A husband asked us to help him with his wife, who was receiving care in their home. Through the proper planning, both VA and Medicaid assistance were obtained and continued without interruption or repayment obligation until his wife passed nearly a year later. This saved him thousands and permitted him to keep all of his lands and possessions intact.

-- A couple was denied Medicaid assistance, and, because they were both in a nursing home, were hemorrhaging funds at a rate of $13,000 per month. We reviewed the case, identified the error, worked with the Medicaid office, and rectified the situation, saving both our client and the nursing home untold thousands.

-- A nursing home asked us to assist a resident who was refused assistance from Medicaid and was now out of money. We managed to remove the case file from one county and transfer it to another, where a competent case worker was able to work with us to resolve the problem. Proactive planning permitted the children to receive the bulk of their mother's property at her death through the use of a properly drafted supplemental needs trust.

-- An overly aggressive nephew was able to convince a court to grant guardianship over his aunt. With our help, the aunt was able to rescind the guardianship and regain control over her person and property.

-- A son came to our office with concerns that his sister, caretaker for their mother, had taken advantage of her mother and absconded with considerable assets. Upon investigation, it was determined that his fears were in fact accurate.

Without involving the Court or the authorities, we were able to mediate a resolution within the family, obtain total restitution for their mother, and place safeguards on the funds so that there would be no subsequent temptation to repeat the misdeed.